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Album Release Show 

Saturday, October 1st, we are holding an album release show for our new album "Hostile Heartbroken and Homesick" at the Sportsman's Club in Charlottetown!

A common theme we hear from some of you who want to see us play live is that we play too late, commonly not starting till 1:00AM! For this album release show, we are starting at 10:00PM. So get in early, get a few drinks in hand, because come 10:00PM we are starting the album release! The first half of the show is nothing but Old Stone Station songs. We will be playing songs from the new record and a few favourites from "Western Road".

There will be a short break upon the completion of the "album release" part of the show. We will be partying the rest of the night with a mix of our favourite songs from our favourite bands.

Please check out our Facebook event page for further details and we hope to see you there!

Tickets for the album release show can be purchased here.

New Album / New Website 

Hi everyone, we are super excited about the release of our new album "Hostile Heartbroken and Homesick". In addition to the new album, we also have a brand spanking new website. We encourage you to browse our new website and check everything out. A couple of things we want to highlight:
  1. Please join our mailing list. Any important Old Stone Station news will be sent to our mailing list subscribers first. This is a way we can get in direct contact with you via an email.
  2. Check out the Music page where you can listen to our new record "Hostile Heartbroken and Homesick" as well as "Western Road". On this page, you can download individual tracks or you can download entire albums.
  3. Check out the Store. If you want a physical CD the best way to get it is at an upcoming Old Stone Station show (specifically a CD release show that will be announced very soon). If you can't make it to a show, you can order one online in our Store and we will mail you the album!
What's next? Keep an eye on this website as we will continue to post news and interesting tidbits regarding the new album, including individual backstories behind songs on the new record.


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Previous events

Old Stone Station Album Release Show

Sportsman's Club, 75 University Ave, Charlottetown

Old Stone Station's Album Release Show for "Hostile Heartbroken and Homesick". The show starts at 10pm.

The first set will be the "Album Release" where we will be playing the new songs on the new album and some favourites from the first.

The second set of the show will be a "jam" where we will be playing our favourite songs and bring up some friends to play with us!


Private Party